Customized Laser Engraved Products and Gifts!

Custom Laser Design is a residential engraving business started in July 2006. All engraving is done by appointment so that you can get the custom design and attention to detail that is needed for each individual project. Engraving services can be used on materials such as wood, black marble or granite, black onyx, mirrors, glass, leather, acrylic, two ply laser plastic, anodized or painted metals, uncoated stainless steel or thick uncoated aluminum plates. Laser cutting services are also offered for softer materials such as acrylic, laserable plastic, paper, mat board, hardboard, cardboard, thin leather, tightly woven fabrics, and some woods up to ½” thick. Laser engraving can be used to create personalized gifts, photo engraving, custom signs, awards, plaques, trophies and memorials. Laser marking can be used to personalize guns, knives, specialty items, marketing and business products. Laser engraving is great for industrial marking for things such as valve tags, industrial tags, switch plates, panels, machine parts or labels. Laser cutting can be used to create ornaments, stencils, card frames, pendants, leather key fobs, as well as cutout letters, numbers or shapes.

Laser engraving can be used on flat or slightly curved items no larger than 36” x 24” x 14”. Some cylinder shaped items can be engraved on a spinning rotary attachment that will hold items up to 33” long and up to 10” in diameter.

Photographs can be engraved on a few materials including black anodized aluminum; tanned rawhide leather; black marble or granite; as well as Alder, Cherry or Maple woods. Some photos that have good resolution and contrast may work on glass as well as black or clear acrylics. Other materials require black and white (two-tone, not grayscale) vector images (not raster images such as jpegs or bitmaps) for crisp and detailed engraving. Most jpegs and bitmaps images as well as other raster images can be converted to vector images for laser engraving for an average cost between $15 and $25, but could be more or less depending on the image. This fee could also be waived for larger orders. Images can be sent in by email to get a quote for conversion. A vector image with outlines is needed for laser cutting.

A spray-on chemical process can be used with black vector images to put a permanent black marking on some uncoated metals including stainless steel and aluminum. The CO2 laser does not engrave into or remove metal. It does not work on plated or precious metals.

Some standard items are kept in inventory and other items can be ordered for purchase. Engraving services are also provided for your items if they are able to be engraved. Quality is guaranteed on our products, but due to the endless possibility of materials that can be engraved, we are not able to guarantee, reimburse or replace items brought in for engraving.

Decisions to make before ordering your custom engraving project:

1.  What kind of image or photograph would you like to have laser engraved, cut or etched?
I have a library of over 800,000 images as well as over 400 font styles. You can also send your own image, photo or font for a quote.

2.  What kind of material would you like to use for your engraving project?
Laser engraving can be done on wood, glass, the reverse side of a mirror, laserable plastic, acrylic, leather, black onyx, dark slate, black marble, black granite, anodized aluminum and painted metals. The CO2 laser cannot engrave into or remove metal, but there is a spray-on chemical process that will bond to some uncoated metals to create a permanent grayish-black mark. This process works best on uncoated stainless steel, but may also be used on thick aluminum as well as some types of chrome plated items. The laser can also cut through some soft materials including wood, leather, laserable plastic, acrylic, paper, mat board and some fabrics.

3What size of material would you like the image laser engraved on?
The laser will hold items no larger than 2 foot by 3 foot and has a depth of up to 14 inches. The maximum weight is 50 pounds. The laser will engrave on flat or slightly curved surfaces - no more than .10” to .15” variance, depending on the material. The laser also has a rotary attachment that will work for engraving some cylinder shaped objects up to 33” long and up to 10” in diameter.

4.  Would you like the image on your item or would you like to order a product from our inventory?
Some standard items such as alder wood plaques, black marble tiles, black anodized aluminum plates, and glassware are kept in inventory for purchase with engraving. Some items that are not in inventory can also be ordered, but this could take from 3-14 business days to get the items into inventory, depending on the item. You can send an email to CustomLaserDesign@comcast.net with your idea or use the form below and you’ll receive a reply with an estimate or quote for your project.

Some items* that you have may also be laser engraved, depending on the shape/size of the item as well as the type of material and what you would like to have engraved. You can email some pictures (top and side views) of the item (or link to the item) along with a detailed description of your project (including the image, photo, logo or text you would like to have engraved as well as the overall size of the engraving) to customlaserdesign@comcast.net and you’ll receive a reply with an estimate or a quote if the project can be completed with the CO2 laser. Items like genuine leather notebooks or cases, wooden boxes or plaques, cast acrylic, or anodized aluminum are examples of materials that can be laser engraved if they are flat and will fit inside the laser.


Appointments can be made between the hours of 11am to 7pm, Monday through Friday (except major holidays) by calling 303-623-5543.  Your business and referrals are very important to me and I will do all I can to make sure your project meets or exceeds your expectations.

*Due to situations or circumstances beyond my control, including power outages or differences in materials, coatings and other unknowns that could cause a problem with engraving, I cannot replace or reimburse you for any item that you bring in that does not engrave properly.*

Contact Instructions for Ordering Custom Engraving Services:

1.    Please complete the contact information below or send an email with a detailed description of your custom engraving project and a requested delivery date. The normal turnaround time is usually within 5 business days from the date both the product and the approved layout is received, but could be longer for larger quantities. Rush orders may be available for an additional charge.
2.    You should receive a reply within 1-2 business days to confirm your order and give you instructions regarding sending us your photo, image, material or **logo if applicable. Please call if you have not received the response within 2 business days.                                                                                                                            
3.    Once we have all the necessary information for your order, you will receive and estimate or a quote (depending on the information received about your project). Once the final quote is approved and a down payment is received, a preview of the layout will be emailed to you for approval prior to engraving the product(s). If you have any questions during the order process, please feel free to call 303-623-5543 or email customlaserdesign@comcast.net.

**By submitting logos, art or any other image to Custom Laser Design, Inc., it is assumed that you have the legal rights and/or legal permission and therefore are authorizing Custom Laser Design, Inc. to reproduce said images.  Purchasers/customers agree to assume any liability resulting from actions or demands brought against supplier for all trademark or copyright infringements.

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